Not Getting Emotionally Involved

When you work for an escort service it is often very easy to become emotionally involved. Since I have been with London escorts, I have simply lost count of how many hard luck stories I have heard. Of course, I feel sorry for many of the gents who may have been through divorces and relationship breakups. But, if I were to get personally involved, I am pretty sure that I would quickly become depressed.

Some of the girls who are new to our London escorts do become personally involved. One of the problems is that they believe almost anything a gent tell them. That is rather a dangerous thing to do. Often you will find that gentlemen may say almost anything to get more out of their dates with London escorts. They may want to extend the date without paying extra. You really need to be on the ball when you work for a London escorts service.

Not only should you, not a date’s word for granted. You have to appreciate that you may necessarily be able to solve their problems. I don’t know how many times a gent I have met at London escorts has expected me to solve a relationship problem for them. That is not really the job of London escorts. Our job is to provide gentlemen with a little a bit of sexy companionship and not to solve their personal problems.

I know that it is hard to find someone to talk to these days. A lot of people assume that gents only date London escorts to enjoy the company of a sexy girl. However, this is not always the case. An increasing amount of gentlemen like to hook up with London escorts to have someone to talk to. There are many lonely hearts in London and I know that is a problem. You may even find that you are asked out on personal dates. It would be easy to say yes, but do try to resist the temptation to say yes. It will not do your London escorts career any good.

You may think that I sound pretty tough. I am not really, but I think about my job with cheap escorts in London as a professional service. If you can manage to do that, I think that things will work out better for you. Sure, I get gentlemen who ask if they can stay an extra hour or two because they feel down in the dumps. I explain to them that I would be more than happy for them to stay, but if they would like to stay, they need to pay for the pleasure of my company. After all, working for cheap escorts in London is what I do for a living and to keep a roof over my head. Yes, you are a professional just like any other person. This is what you need to emphasize to your dates. I promise you will do a lot better when you adopt a professional attitude to dating with London escorts.

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