Should We Ditch Reality TV Shows?

The death of Caroline Flack has made me wonder if we should ditch reality TV shows? I did watch Love Island a couple of times, but most of the time, it clashed with my London escorts schedule. In the last few years, reality TV shows such as Love Island seem to have taken over our lives. Many of the people who present the programs such as Caroline Flack have become celebs. Unlike the charlotte London escorts, they are not professionals. They think that presenting a TV show is going to shield them from many things in life. That is not the case – being a presenter can expose you to both good and bad sides of being a celeb.

Are reality TV shows fake? I think that most reality TV shows are pretty fake. They have no real TV value. Unlike classic TV series, they are not the kind of shows that you can sit down and watch time and time again. But, despite the negative sides of reality TV, I know of many London escorts who dream of being on them or being celebs. It is not for me. I am the sort of girl who is really happy with my job for London escorts.
[Text Wrapping Break]Why are reality TV shows dangerous? Yes, I am aware that not all London escorts think that reality TV shows are dangerous, But, there are many London escorts who would agree with me when I say reality TV shows can have a negative influence on your life. A lot has to do with image. Many of the participants are so beautiful that they almost look unreal. That was very much true of Caroline Flack. She looked more like a model than a TV presenter. To me, she was someone who lapped up her celeb lifestyle.

I think that many TV shows give young people a bad idea of body images. Who watches them? Okay, there are some younger London escorts who have in the past been pretty hooked on series like Love Island, Big Brother and Out of the jungle, but that is slowly changing. All of these series seem to follow a theme. It is all about bitchiness and being nasty to each other. I think that most folk who participate are pretty fake themselves and are only it for the money. Don’t for one moment think that they don’t get paid – they do and many are professional models or recently qualified actors.
[Text Wrapping Break]When I finish my London escorts shift, I prefer to come home to watch some quality TV. There is no way that I get that when I watch reality TV. If you are really hooked on reality TV, I think that it may be a good idea to find out what is missing out of your life. Sure, reality TV is fun for teens, but it does give them a fake idea of life in general. Maybe we should have a specialist reality TV Chanel with parental controls. I really do think that it is about time that we started to control what our kids watch on TV.

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